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Impossible Patterns Sets

A series of additional jigsaw sets, each with 50 jigsaws. These are "impossible" style jigsaws containing repeated patterns of detail or color. These are for expert solvers only (lesser mortals can always cheat by reducing the number of pieces!). Set #1 contains close up photos of the world around us, objects such as breakfast cereal, fruit, crayons and fabrics. Set #2 is similar but focuses more on natural themes like leaves, wood, stone, bark and includes a large section on crystallography (the study of beautiful crystal structures). Set #3 contains extreme close-ups of mouth watering candies, sweets and chocolates, the detail so sharp and clear you could almost eat them. Warning - do not play these jigsaws if you are dieting! Sets #4, 5 and 14 contain mathematically created, infinitely repeating patterns known as fractals. Some are highly intricate, others deceptively simple - all are beautiful. Sets #6, 7, 8, 9 include more fractals and other beautifully colored patterns as well as more close-up photographs of everyday objects. These jigsaws provide a wonderfully varied array of bright, bold colors and are sure to please. Sets #10, 11, 12, 13 contain a mixture of close-ups of everyday objects plus some extreme close-ups of microscopic objects. These four sets are large, bright and colorful and show many familiar things in a new light. Sets #14, 15, 16 contain more fractals, by popular request. These are mathematically created images which, while stunningly beautiful, are extremely difficult to solve. Click on the link below to view the thumbnails...

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